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Jared Leto Returning As The Joker In His Own Movie!


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Jared Leto's Joker Is Getting His Own Standalone Movie Too ...
According to a new report, Warner Bros. and DC Films are looking to expand upon the Suicide Squad characters for the future, which already includes projects for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey and now Leto's own standalone Joker film. No information was announced regarding a particular storyline or a possible production start.

Jared Leto Is Getting His Own Joker Movie | Complex
Jared Leto's version of the Joker, which made its debut just a few years ago in Suicide Squad, is getting its own film according to Variety. The untitled standalone movie will see Leto serving as an executive producer in addition to his starring role.

Jared Leto's The Joker is Getting His Own Movie — GeekTyrant
Warner Bros. already announced that Margot Robbie’s version of Harley Quinn would be getting her own movie with a “Birds of Prey” feature, and the next goal was setting up a film for Leto’s Joker.

Jared Leto's Joker May Get His Own Standalone Movie
Since the release of Suicide Squad, the future of Jared Leto’s Joker has been up in the air. Would he return for a sequel? Will he be in a Batman movie? Isn’t Warner Bros. making other Joker movies? Well, we may finally have an idea, as Leto will reportedly star and executive producer a Joker standalone movie.

Jared Leto's Joker Getting His Own Movie - IGN
Leto's Joker movie should not be confused with director Todd Phillip's version, which is still being developed. Phillips is working on a Joker origin story, with actors, Joaquin Phoenix and Leonardo DiCaprio eyed for the leading role.

Jared Leto to star in and produce his own Joker movie ...
Margot Robbie is getting her own Harley Quinn “girl gang” movie, and now Leto has his own Joker movie. Both will take place within a Suicide Squad Universe, according to Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Collider.

Jared Leto to star in his own solo Joker movie -
According to Variety, Jared Leto will serve as executive producer and star in his very own film as the Ace of Knaves, a.k.a. The Joker.

Smile! Jared Leto Is Getting His Own Joker Movie - MTV
Somewhere, Jared Leto's Joker is slowly cackling as his plans to take over the DC Extended Universe come into fruition. "Heh, heh, heh, heh, aahhh..." "Heh, heh, heh, heh, aahhh..." According to Variety, Warner Bros. is adding another movie starring the Batman supervillain to the long list of DC movies coming soon.