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"THE NBA" — A Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading
Bad Lip Reading
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A look back at some moments from the 2017-18 NBA season...

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The NBA: A Bad Lip Reading - YouTube
Ever wonder what players like Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony were REALLY saying? In the huddle, what do coaches like Doc Rivers and Mark Jackson say to the...

Bad Lip Reading - Official Site
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The latest hilarious 'bad lip reading' video features the NBA
The folks at Bad Lip Reading cast their eyes and ears on the 2017-18 NBA season, and like their NFL videos, they produced some hilarity. You’ll see Rajon Rondo tell a ref a guy is “Illuminati,” what Russell Westbrook really said to the fans he snapped at (see below ...

'Bad Lip Reading' gives the NBA season a hilarious twist
The annual Bad Lip Reading for the NBA is here and it's glorious.

Bad Lip Reading: Fergie's National Anthem at the NBA All ...
Bad Lip Reading has responded to fan demand and created a Bad Lip Reading video for Fergie's national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game.

NBA Bad Lip Reading: 2017-2018 Season Gets Ridiculed in ...
To mark the end of the 2017/2018 NBA season, the folks behind the "Bad Lip Reading" video series just dropped a hilarious new video.

The NBA 'Bad Lip Reading' Is Way More Fun to Watch Than ...
The 2017-2018 NBA Season Gets the 'Bad Lip Reading' Remix. So that's what Fergie's national anthem really sounded like.

The Big Show - Video of the Day - Bad Lip Reading in the NBA
NEVER Stop and Get Out of Your Car On A Dark Road. 6/01/2018. 5/31/2018