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How to Fillet Salmon for Sushi with Special Knife | (三文鱼寿司) | (サーモン寿司)

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Sushi Everyday
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Salmon is one of the more difficult fish to fillet for sushi and sashimi applications. The soft delicate flesh cracks and gaps easily if handled too aggressively. For this reason, it's a challenging fish to train others to fillet. Because of this, I've trained new chefs in the pass to fillet salmon with a hollowground slicer instead. I can train someone to do this in one afternoon vs. weeks with a Deba.

Over the years, I've used Japanese and Western filleting knives to test what is the most efficient way to fillet salmon. And quite honestly, I believe Western style knives (8" fillet blade and hollowground slicer) is superior. Some Japanese chefs may disagree, but I have seen salmon processors cut salmon like the wind with minimal effort compared to using Japanese style blades. However, after filleting, the use of a Yanagiba is still best for cutting nigiri or sashimi pieces. So a combo of 2 style is my preference. Check out my Udemy Course to learn more!

Knives in Video:

Dexter Russell Duo-Edge Slicer (Hollow-Ground)

8” Shun Deba - Japanese Fillet Knife (This is the newer model)


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