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7 Most Expensive Meals In The World

Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning
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Can Link guess how much people are willing to spend on these outrageously expensive meals? GMM #1352

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12 Most Expensive Meals in the World | GOBankingRates
The first pizza making the list of the most expensive meals is the 24K* Pizza at Industry Kitchen, located in New York’s South Street Seaport neighborhood. The pizza requires a two-day advance order, and is truly for the upper crust.

These Are 9 of the Most Expensive Meals in the World ...
It’s the world’s most expensive omelette, which makes sense since its main ingredients, aside from eggs, is lobster and caviar. Seriously, the American Sturgeon caviar that’s heaped atop the breakfast dish is worth $650 alone.

The World's 12 Most Expensive Meals - Forbes
The World's 12 Most Expensive Meals. ... Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. ... but the most expensive is 54,000 yen (or $475) a person. It's at least a 10-course meal ...

7 Most Expensive Meals In The World | Good Mythical Morning
Now, two years ago we showed you some of the most expensive meals you can purchase, but a lot can happen in two years So let's see what some of the most expensive menu items are now It's time for You Might Be a Hater 'Cause the Price Tag on These Meals is as Big as a Crater, But Don't Forget to Tip Your Waiter Link Neal, come on down You're the only contestant on Expensive Meals

7 of the most expensive dishes from around the world ...
The seven most outrageously expensive dishes to eat around the world A £15 gold-leaf cappuccino in Abu Dhabi is just the tip of the iceberg; when it comes to obscenely expensive foods, the US ...

Most Expensive Food In The World: Meals That Cost A Fortune
Speaking of expensive and life-changing meals, the world’s most expensive restaurant will surely open your palate to an incomparable dining experience. The establishment is a Japanese restaurant called Masa and opened in 2004 in New York City.

Most Expensive Meals Ever Around the World - Top Ten
It is named as the most expensive one because it charges almost $1,850 for per person. It only accommodates 12 people for this unique facility and the menu includes 15-20 dishes in total. The whole dining experience includes the combination of technology, art, and food perfectly which attracts a large number of people.

7 Most Expensive Meals In The World -
Caleb July 11th, 2018. You guys should have Josh recreate some of that stuff and see how much it actually costs. I bet that $25000 taco has about $1000 worth of ingredients.