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After beating him one-handed, Ian bets Anthony he can't go a day without using his right hand. When crisis strikes will Anthony cave in? Friendship always wins in this gripping tale about getting pwned by your best friend.

Left-Handers and Health Risks: 12 Little-Known Facts ...
Left-Handed Neanderthals Were the Minority, Too. Right-handed bias isn’t just a modern-day phenomenon: It turns out we’ve been dominantly using our right hooks for more than 500,000 years.

Handedness - Wikipedia
In human biology, handedness is a better, faster, or more precise performance or individual preference for use of a hand, known as the dominant hand; the less capable or less preferred hand is called the non-dominant hand. Men are somewhat more likely to express a strongly dominant left hand than women. It is estimated that between 70 and 95 percent of the world's population is right-handed.

Bias against left-handed people - Wikipedia
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Left-handedness is twice as common in twins than in the general population. [6] Phrases in English suggest a negative view of left-handedness. For example, a “left-handed complement” is actually an insult.

Left-handed - ScienceDaily
A person who is left-handed primarily uses his or her left hand, more so than the right hand; a left-hander will probably use the left hand for tasks such as personal care, cooking, and so on ...

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