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Left Handed

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After beating him one-handed, Ian bets Anthony he can't go a day without using his right hand. When crisis strikes will Anthony cave in? Friendship always wins in this gripping tale about getting pwned by your best friend.

Bias against left-handed people - Wikipedia
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Left Handers Day, August 13th - Official Site #lefthandersday
Left handed information and left handed products - raising awareness of the needs of lefthanders worldwide on International Left-Handers Day #lefthandersday

Famous Left-Handers - Indiana University Bloomington
The terms «famous» and «left-hander» are both subjective judgments. For this page, «famous» means that someone steeped in American culture will recognize most of these names, and «left-handed» is a loose common classification meaning to write with and/or use the left hand for manual tasks. A ...

Anything Left Handed online shop - Left handed products ...
Left handed products designed to work for YOU! We have been providing specially designed left handed items to make life a bit easier for lefthanders since 1967.

Left Handed Facts - Left Handed history
Left Handed history - origins of handedness. Stone Age implements discovered seem equally divided between left and right and studies of cave drawings have indicated a preference for the left hand.

Left-Handed Guitarists: the Famous and the Facts - Gibson
The obvious biggies first – Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney and many more play left-handed. But it wasn’t always easy for some of them...

Left-Hand Scholarships? Scholarship Program for Left ...
The One Left-Handed Scholarship . Financial aid is not a one-size fits-all pursuit. Educational funding takes many forms, and originates from a wide range of sources.

Being Left - Home
Being Left Handed is the number one site for left-handed facts, instructions, forums, products, videos and any information related to being left handed.