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There are so many cool budget hacks I wanna share with you!

If you've got troubles with your summer vacation and still killing time at home, it's no reason not to post anything on the social networks.

If you wanna picture of your legs sunbathing, grab 2 sausages, put them at the right angle and there you have it! Post your sexy shiny 'legs' and get some likes! :)

Plastic bags can be incredibly multifunctional. You can make a cute kite or plastic backpack or even use it to fix bad lightning when taking pictures!

Keep your money safe and a whole lot of insanely useful tips for travelers and camping lovers!

Here are the places for money stash: lipstick container, bubble gum strap, under insoles of your sneakers, in a soap bar, under your phone case or even in a folded toothpaste!

Stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! :)


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