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Sarah Betts
Sarah Betts
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10 DIY SUMMER LIFE HACKS Everyone NEEDS To Know! + Fun things to try when you're bored! OKAY soooo, it's that time of the year where summer videos are SOOO requested, so hopefully you guys enjoy these 10 SUPER easy life hacks that EVERYONE should know video, including travel hacks, photography hacks, beauty + hair hacks, food hacks and more! So whether you guys spend your summer at the beach, the pool or literally in bed watching Netflix (me lol) hopefully you guys find something useful for you! Let me know if you guys have any other summer videos you guys want to see like, a Summer clothing haul, things to do when your bored, cheap vs. expensive bikinis and more!!

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This video is a 10 DIY SUMMER LIFE HACKS Everyone NEEDS To Know! but over the next few videos you can expect to see a night routine, morning routine, copying ____ instagram for a week, boyfriend copies girlfriends instagram photos, boyfriend buys my outfits, a HUGE spring / summer clothing haul, life hacks, testing life hacks, Q&A answering questions I have avoided, swimsuit haul, my everyday makeup tutorial, cheap VS expensive videos AND MORE!!



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