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11 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

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Do you like to travel? Our heroines are very fond of both out-of-town picnics and trips for far far away. And they have a huge number of travel hacks, which they gladly share to you!

Supplies and tools

• Photo frame

• Patterned cardboard

• Scrapbook paper

• Scissors

• Hot glue gun

• Double sided tape

• Foil

• Metal can

• Stones

• Twigs, paper

• Matches or lighter

• Fruit drainer

• Flat iron

• Metallic box with a lid

• Spray paint

• Acrylic paints in small containers

• Broken brushes

• Plastic lid

• Flexible pencil

• Plastic

• Pencil

• Ruler

• Embellishments

• Phone case

• Felt

• Zipper

• Hat

• Cardboard banana template

• Marker

• Twill tape

• Backpack fastener

• Flip flops

• Rubber band

• Thread and needle


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