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Film Theory: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED!

The Film Theorists
The Film Theorists
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Rick's TRUE Crime! (Rick and Morty) ►

DHMIS is cute, it's creepy, and the internet has spent the last month pulling apart all its squishy innards. Mmm tasty. In this first episode I'm doing n Film Theory, I wanted to cover the overall meaning of the show, why it's important, and WHAT THE HECK IT MEANS! Now Let's all get Creative!


Zootopia's DRUG TIES? ►►

Ghostbusters's Stay Puft Calories?! ►►

Is Dory FAKING? ►►

Proof of Turtles in New York - TMNT ►►

How to SURVIVE the Hunger Games! ►►

Luke SHOULDN'T Destroy the Death Star ►

What is DBZ's Kamehameha Wave? ►►

Can Dr. Who's Doctor be a HUMAN? ►

Are VIDEO GAMES the future of movies? ►


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