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Fraser Point Bald Eagle Camera Powered by

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Explore Birds Bats Bees
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Watch the Fraser Point Bald Eagle Camera - LIVE

This camera is about 20m from the Fraser Point Bald Eagle nest that was discovered in 2017 after their previous nest fell out of the tree.The female (A-46) hatched at the Pelican Harbor nest on Santa Cruz Island in 2006. She was the first known bald eagle to hatch on the Channel Islands since 1950. The male, A-64, is her brother and hatched at the Pelican Harbor nest in 2008. He was knocked out of the nest by a subadult eagle and had a puncture in his beak. After being treated at a veterinarians, he was released back on Santa Cruz from a hacking tower. This pair has been breeding since 2012 and successfully raised 3 chicks at this nest in 2017

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