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Ian finds a REAL Death Note, will he use his newfound powers for good or evil?


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L (Death Note) - Wikipedia
His real name, L Lawliet, is only revealed in the guidebook Death Note 13: How to Read. [14] [4] After revealing himself to the Kira investigation team, he requests that the task force refer to him as Ryuzaki for discretion.

real death note | eBay
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REAL DEATH NOTE! | Smosh Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
REAL DEATH NOTE! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 20, 2012, and it is the second episode in Smosh's "REAL____" series. Contents[show] Synopsis Ian finds a Death Note after he wishes for something interesting to happen, and he uses it to purify the world.

Death Note (Real Life)
Death Note in real life video. This was not made by me! I hope you Enjoy it! ^^ Download link:

Near (Death Note) - Wikipedia
Takeshi Obata, artist of Death Note, said that, since Ohba wanted to "include a little L" in Near and Mello, he tried to keep "the weirdness and the panda eyes". Obata added that since L was an important character he felt that he made Near and Mello look too much like L.

Is Death Note real? - Quora
Fortunately for criminals, no. The Death Note is a notebook in which you write the name of someone while picturing their face. The only fathomable way of being granted this power is to make a deal with the Devil, who might fill the role of the Shinigami.

L (character) | Death Note Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Death Note 13: How to Read describes L in the Death Note yonkoma as the "holder of the world's greatest mind" and having the "powerful ability to act like a fool." Death Note 13: How to Read adds that in the yonkoma, "it's like [L was] born to be mocked."