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Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)

The Film Theorists
The Film Theorists
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What would you say if I told you that Neverland was a REAL PLACE? A place you can pinpoint on a map? That is EXACTLY what I did. Get ready to pack your bags for your next vacation, Loyal Theorists! We are going to NEVERLAND!!!


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Welcome to The Film Theorists. Do you love overanalyzing movies and TV? ... We Found NEVERLAND! https: ... Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan) - Duration: 9 minutes, 39 seconds.

Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)
I don't really know if the universal studios 2003 version of peter pan counts. (I mean it should if your using other references besides Disney, like the books) when peter leaves with Wendy and the boys, as there flying through London, peter asks John a stupid question about his name and then tells him to grab his ankle tightly, and then telephone the news down for the others to do the same.

Video Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)
Uh, thats Peter Pan's Never Never Land not the creepy Michael Jackson Neverland. If you haven't guessed it yet, today we're exploring the world of Disney's favorite narcissistic, tween heartthrob, Peter Pan.

Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)
There's more to this theory if you look at Neverland in the series "once upon a time". There we see that it's waters especially have healing powers, aka fountain of youth, and even though in once upon a time it's technically in a different dimension, it's still close enough to the US that a mermaid can swim there.

Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)
It's not fun when ice claims the things you care about. Your boots, your baseball bat, the front wheels of your...

Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan)
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Film Theory: We Found Neverland! (Disney Peter Pan) - The ...
Theory: Peter pan is suicide and the reason why kids that come with him "never grow up" is because they end up killing themselves rather than facing their problems and getting help. Plush Collector 4 gün önce