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Bleach Trailer (2018) Live Action Movie

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Bleach Trailer - 2018 Live Action Manga Adaptation

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About Bleach:

Ichigo Kurosaki is a High School student, living in Karakura town. He is able to see ghost, as well as hollows. Later he meet up with Kuchiki Rukia, a death god in Japan later he found out himself he is a death god as well. Ichigo Kurosaki now with the power are able to protect the Karakura town from hollows.

Bleach (2018 film) - Wikipedia
On February 5, 2018, it was revealed that the movie would premiere on July 20, 2018 in Japan. A teaser trailer was released on February 21, 2018 which was praised for its faithful adaptation of the series' first chapter.

'Bleach' Live-Action Film Releases First Full Trailer
It's here! If you have been waiting for a full look at the live-action Bleach movie, then you can take a look at it now.After all, it's first full trailer did just drop thanks to Warner Bros. Japan. You can check it out above!

New Bleach Movie Poster Brings the Manga to Stunning Life ...
The live-action Bleach film will hit theaters in Japan on July 20th, 2018. A special North American screening of the movie is scheduled for July 28th at Japan Cuts: Festival of New Japanese Film at New York's Japan Society in New York City. However, the screening instantly sold out. It isn't clear when the rest of North America will be able to ...

Bleach (2018) - IMDb
"Bleach" creator Tite Kubo's only concern about a live-action adaptation of his work was Ichigo's orange hair color, which he thought would be strange for a Japanese person. See more » Frequently Asked Questions

'Bleach' Live-Action Movie Releases First Trailer - Comic Book
It's here! Tite Kubo's famed series Bleach may have wrapped, but it will live on this year with a live-action film. Warner Bros. Japan just released its first full-length trailer for the film which can be seen above! The trailer may be short, but it gives fans a taste of what they can expect from the film.

Bleach Live Action Movie: New Action-Filled Trailer ...
The Bleach Live Action Movie will cover the first 8 volumes (or 70 chapters) of Title Kubo’s original Bleach manga. Principal shooting for the film took place between September to November of 2016, meaning there are a lot of special effects and other post-production work involved in the movie as it is set to release on July 20, 2018 in Japan.

Bleach live-action movie trailer stars a monstrous Hollow ...
A new live-action trailer for Shinsuke Sato’s Bleach adaptation gives us a little glimpse into Ichigo Kurosaki’s encounter with a terrifying dead and nefarious soul called a Hollow. The trailer, seen above, is only 30 seconds, but stars Bleach’s main character, Ichigo, fighting a Hollow that ...

Live-Action ‘Bleach’ Movie Coming 2018 | FANDOM
With the final chapter of Bleach already out, there comes a very special announcement along with it. The recently concluded and massively popular manga series will be getting a live-action film adaptation. There is no release date as yet, but it is believed to come out in Japan sometime in 2018.