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Fire Emblem Three Houses - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018

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A brand-new Fire Emblem game with a new story and characters is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game takes place on Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and its people. This turn-based tactical RPG will put new strategic twists on battling, with formations of troops supporting individual units on the battlefield. Do you have what it takes to survive and conquer in this brand-new Fire Emblem game? Fire Emblem Three Houses is available Spring 2019!

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses | Fire Emblem Wiki | FANDOM ...
On June 12, 2018, the first gameplay trailer debuted during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct video presentation, and the game's title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses was revealed. The estimated release date was also updated to Spring 2019.

Three Houses: E3 2018 Trailer Analysis - Serenes Forest
After a year and a half of waiting, Nintendo finally removed the curtains from their Switch Fire Emblem title, now officially known as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, during their E3 2018 Nintendo Direct It’s been almost that long since I last dusted off my magnifying glass, so without further ado ...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reveal Trailer - E3 2018
The newest Fire Emblem has officially been revealed for Nintendo Switch. Watch more from E3 2018 here!

Nintendo Announces ‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ – Variety
Nintendo just announced “Fire Emblem: Three Houses.” The company unveiled the game with a trailer during their E3 press conference on Tuesday. “A brand-new ‘Fire Emblem’ game with a new ...

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Nintendo's premier strategy-RPG series Fire Emblem is getting a new entry, which was revealed at the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation. While the trailer for the game reveals several new ...

[E3 2018] Fire Emblem Three Houses : Games -
Fire Emblem (GBA) is the best entry point for the series in general but if you want to get ready for Three Houses the Tellius games are the ones you'll likely want to play. Emulate them if you have to, they're both rare and expensive.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch Announced at ...
The Fire Emblem: Three Houses E3 2018 trailer showed off an anime-styled aesthetic along with visuals that are perhaps the best we've seen from the series thus far.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - E3 2018 Trailer (Nintendo ...
Fire Emblem: Three Houses marches onto Nintendo Switch in spring 2019.