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Live Mount Agung | From Bali Indonesia | VolcanoYT

24,0 K

What is this?

In English:

here you can watch volcano agung only and listening to radio monitoring/volunteer.

In Indonesian:

Ini adalah sistem peringatan dini indonesia dan siaran khusus untuk monitor gunung agung.

Link Streaming/Earthquake List/Volcano Webcam/Donate/Community:

What is SRR?

SRR is a device connected with a radio walkie providing early warning, by translating Seismic Signals.

For example:

Level 3 - if you hear a long beep (min 2-5 max minute) up and down it was an eruption or big earthquake at some place.

Level 2 - if you hear a very long beep (min 8-30 max minute) up and down that means flood or rain around the station.

Level 1 - if you hear a short beep (1 max minute) up and down it may be small earthquake or just spam noise.

Delay Info:

Audio SRR: 30 sec

Reload Geo: 5 sec and 2 minutes

This stream: 30 sec

Feed Seismogram, distance from Agung:

* VG.TMKS/DUKU - Bali - 5km

* VG.BTR - Bali - ?

* GE.JAGI - Jajag - 150Km

* GE.PLAI - Plampang - 158km

* GE.GENI - Genyem - 2,804km

* GE.BKNI - Sumatra - ?

* GE.BBJI - Java (Jakarta) - ?

* GE.SANI - Malukku - ?

* GE.FAKI - Irian Jaya - ?

* GE.TOLI2 - Tolitoli, Sulawesi - ?

* GE.LHMI - Lhokseumave, Sumatra - ?

* VG.SGG - Sinabung, Sumatra - ?

What This?

JAGI and etc is station seismogram with spectrogram display located Jajag, Java 150Km from mt agung location.

More red, it means that there is an earthquake/shake in that location,

but it could also not be an earthquake!!!. be careful to see it.


English is preferred/ NO Ads, Subs, Exessive caps, Political/religious talk unless in context. Links allowed with admin approval. Try keep discussion to Volcano/EQ chat.

All Info Agung:

Contact Me:

Indonesia Makassar


Swarm software to monitor seismic activity: it's free, Public Domain, open-source software. In other words no one holds a copyright and anyone claiming otherwise is incorrect.

This stream is free for use for educational purposes. For commercial purposes, please contact us!

View and track earthquakes worldwide and watch volcano anywhere

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