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Women Stop Taking Birth Control For The First Time

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"This is hell."


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Serious man ready to take a pill sitting on couch

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Man shaving in the bathroom.

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Oral contraceptive pill on pharmacy counter.

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Man with erectile dysfunction during sex

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Weighing on analog Weight

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CURRENTLY READING What Really Happens When You Miss or Stop Taking Birth Control Pills

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7–8 Children 6–7 Children 5–6 Children 4–5 Children 3–4 Children 2–3 Children 1–2 Children 0–1 Children In the developing world, birth control increases economic growth due to there being fewer dependent children and thus more women participating in or increased contribution to the workforce. Women's earnings, assets, body mass ...

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Facts to Know. Birth control pills are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy if used correctly and consistently. For example, only one in 1,000 women who use the pill as prescribed is likely to get pregnant in the first year of use.

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